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We assist you with reliable, competent and innovative support to develop the products of tomorrow together. We help you to realize your ideas to bring products ready for series-production.

“Realizing continuous process success with many years of experience: from tool development and toolmaking up to production and processing“    

Structured and efficient

Where required, we work as a reliable partner to our customers to provide an exemplary complete production process. Starting from detailed advice, through planning and production of the tools and control systems to production and further processing of the high-precision metal components. We will also be pleased to take charge of washing and packaging. All ideally in step to ensure punctual, efficient results every time.

Tool development

With over 40 years of experience in the field of metal forming, we are able to provide sound advice to every customer, no matter how unusual their request. In-house coordination is set up on this basis: Our specialists from the development/design and toolmaking/production departments are ideally networked with each other. The outcome: Precisely targeted designs and task-specific tools, fixtures and special-purpose machinery created using ultra-modern technology - CAD/CAM systems with 2D AutoCAD, 3D-VISI, and PEPS-CAD/CAM for CNC programming.

  • CAD/CAM-Construction


Our designs are precise and sophisticated. Their implementation calls for a toolmaking department with state of the art equipment - and a skilled and dynamic team of experts in charge. Thanks to the ongoing maintenance, servicing and optimization of our tools and fixtures, including two coordinate grinding machines, here we produce exclusively to the very highest standard of quality: Prototypes, sample series, progressive dies, fine blanking dies, drawing, insertion and special-purpose tools, fixtures and special-purpose machines.

  • Specialized also in the manufacturing of complex tools


Our state-of-the art machinery is capable of transforming all customary materials between 0.05 and 8.00 mm in thickness into exactly the ultra-precise components you require. Most are then further processed on our special machinery - with accuracy in the micron range. The high level of automation and our integrated, reliable control systems guarantee outstanding and stable results, time after time. The presses we use include eccentric presses up to 2000 kN, drawing presses up to 1600 kN, differential travel presses up to 3200 kN, automatic punching presses up to 3200 kN, and fine blanking presses up to 2500 kN. We continuously extend our plant and equipment, all of which is fully in line with the state of the art.

  • Production on project-specific facilities

Further processing

Surface finish, evenness, plan parallelism, thickness and diameter tolerance, geometric and roundness tolerance - our high-precision systems for double-sided surface grinding and honing produce workpieces to the very highest level of accuracy. From the further processing of individual parts through to module assembly, methods such as milling, drilling, countersinking, caulking, resistance welding, hot and orbital riveting are used. A special highlight: Complete deburring including defined edge rounding on our high-performance multi-station deburring machines

  • Process-related quality controls